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Address: 2400 South Kensington Suite 400, Appleton, WI 54915


I began in the salon industry in October 1993 working for a salon employer. In July of 1996, I made the smartest business decision and ventured into chair rental allowing for freedom of scheduling, service pricing, vacation time, retailing opportunities and increase my bottom line. The flexibility was priceless and I doubled my income.

I left the industry in December of 2004 to be a full time mom and work part time as a Lifestyle Coach from home. However, in September of 2013, with all 3 children being in school full time, (and previous hair clients asking me to return), the salon industry called me back. I found an opening at a local chair rental salon to grow a hair clientele again and continue Lifestyle Coaching. I never once considered an employee/employer relationship to "start again"….only being in business for myself. From September 2013 through December 2014 was a growing and marketing year, (I love marketing) in the chair rental salon where I was at. The salon owner provided no marketing efforts, social media, etc, and the location had minimal visibility. From January 2015, (the opening of Escape Salon Studios) to the present my service business has increased 75%!!!! I took advantage of the Chamber of Commerce membership offered via Escape, the HIGH visibility via 441/and the plaza itself,  and all social media opportunities. There is no risk, only reward.

-Michele Hepfler
U Unlimited-Owner
Escape Salon Studios-Owner


I started at Escape Salon Studios  January 2015 and it is the best experience I have ever had!!! Everyday I am working with my best friend. Hair Artist Salon is designed and styled to meet my business needs and space my way. Because of the customized studio, atmosphere of the salon, and overall positive experience, I have more passion for my career than ever and my clients have dually noticed. 

Would you like to grow? I have had 30 new clients and more referrals on the way since starting here.

Do you desire endless opportunities? Michele, (owner) makes you feel right at home, she's very organized and helps you every step of the way. Don't wait on your salon career any longer! Be your own boss, your own way. You will not regret it.

-Rockin Hair Sara

Hair Artist Salon - Owner

In December of 2016, I decided that working for a salon owner was not the desired career path for me. Within three days of initiating contact with Escape Salon Studios owner, Michele Hepfler, I was in  my OWN studio! I selected my business name, decorated the studio the way I wanted it, and started my salon business! Oh...what a FEELING! The transition from employee to business owner was a breeze with the use of the Escape Salon Studios business kit along with the encouragement and expertise of the owners.

I LOVE the FREEDOM of setting my own schedule...weekends off needed...if there are not any appointments booked on a day or part of a day, I can take advantage of the free time getting other life things done. The atmosphere inside of Escape is GREAT! Everyone is friendly and there is no competition, only camaraderie.  When I transitioned, I lost a couple of clients, however, with the new environment, marketing, and referrals, I have gained even more clients. I LOVE being at Escape! 

-Kayla LaMarche

Hairapy Owner

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2400 E Kensington Rd #400
Appleton, WI 54915

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